Spellbound Glowworm and Cave Tour – Waitomo

Be spellbound by our kind and personal service, knowledgeable guides, and very impressive glowworm display. We know the only way to really enjoy Waitomo’s biggest and brightest glowworm show, is slowly. Rushing through will not do justice to such breath taking spectacle. Take time to let your eyes adapt and you will be rewarded with the soft glow of many of thousands of glowworms. There are enough to gently light up an entire cave and bring you to a sense of wonder. Later, our relaxed and gentle tour will treat you to the beautiful Cave of the Spirit. Walk through a lovely succession of chambers to find speleothems, fossil remains of extinct moa and cathedrals filled with natural light, softly falling to the floor. You will have, 1 guide, 2 caves to visit, up to 12 people in your group and 30 000 or more glowworms to amaze you. You will be able to watch glowworms up close, and we will happily let you bring your camera along with you.